September 1 - November 30

The table below reflects the current season for the UK and Ireland. If it's listed, then it's in season. You can browse the list of what is currently available, or search for item/s of particular interest.

Items are added/updated on a regular basis. Please let me know of any errors or ommissions. And if so, sincere apologies!


Unfortunately, today's society is increasingly removed from the natural cycles of our world. This application is designed as a shopping aid aimed at highlighting seasonally appropriate food choices. This in turn returns numerous benefits for our health, well-being and environment. The main benefits are:

  • Quality - foods cultivated in season will taste better and have a higher nutritional value.

  • Cost - seasonal foods will tend to be produced locally. This boosts the local economy while also reducing associated energy costs and delivering lower costs to the consumer.

  • Planet - lengthy shipping routes become unnecessary and seasonal foods require less in the way of artificial (and often toxic) stimulants, for example, fertilisers and pesticides.


Hi, my name is Greg. I had the idea to develop this application some time ago. While other priorities and projects had directed my focus elsewhere, recent months have illustrated the importance of living in tune with our home.

I offer the site as is in the hope that it proves in some way useful to you. I have no commercial interests in the project. That said, by way of full disclosure, I personally favour a low carbohydrate diet. It's therefore possible that some unconcious bias may creep into the project. I will do my best to keep this in check.

Be well 😊


Summer image by: simplethrill
Autumn image by: simplethrill
Winter image by: Jolanta Paczek

Frequently Asked Questions

Some clarifications on the listings...

  • How strict do I need to be? Ultimately, this is your decision. The site's focus is on what items are currently in season. There are numerous cases where particular foods can be extended beyond the dates listed through, for example, natural preservation techniques.

  • How accurate are the dates? The site endeavours to be as accurate as possible. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to pinpoint precise dates. The previous winter/summer and the current climate (sun/rainfall) play a significant role, particularly when it comes to plants and vegetation.

  • Do I simply go without? Assembling this resource is an ongoing learning experience. Looking across the seasons, nature provides a wide variety of nourishing options. This variety over time may actually be important for our health. The key, I think, is to look at what's available and then experiment with substitutions. Let your creativiy loose 😊

  • What about eggs? As it turns out, eggs are seasonal. Birds lay eggs in spring in response to longer daylight hours. Supermarkets can supply eggs all year-round due to the factory farming practice of keeping the birds under artificial lights.

  • What about mushrooms? Fungi are an interesting category. It is possible to have an annual crop through relatively lightweight means. The site notes wild and cultivated varieties.